AOC Still Says Hunter Biden’s Laptop is “Fake!”  (Even NY Times admits it is real) 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who, like it or not, sits on the House Judiciary Committee, which is currently investigating the hunter Biden laptop scandal, called the infamous laptop “half-fake” during the Committee’s first hearing into the matter.

AOC claimed during the House Oversight Committee hearing that the Hunter Biden laptop story is “half-fake.” (So, does that mean it’s at least half-true? But I digress) 

She also then went on to smear The New York Post’s reporting that first exposed the device and its contents.

As part of her rant, the left-wing firebrand said:

“We’re talking about Hunter Biden’s half-fake laptop story. I mean, this is an embarrassment.”

The 33-year-old self-described “Social Democrat” raged for an extended portion of the hearing, suggesting the House Oversight Committee should instead focus on issues like “abortion and civil rights.”

AOC’s remarks came as lawmakers grilled Twitter executives over the social media giant’s suppression of The NY Post’s October 2020 stories about the so-called “laptop from hell.”

During her rant, Ocasio-Cortez also claimed, “The New York Post had this alleged information and was trying to publish it without any corroboration, without any backup information, they were trying to publish it to Twitter, Twitter would not let them, and now they are upset.”

She continued, “I believe that political operatives who sought to inject explosive disinformation with the [NY Post’s reporting] couldn’t get away with it. And now they’re livid, and they want the ability to do it again. They want the ability to inject this again. They are weaponizing the use of this Committee.”

House Republicans are probing the extraordinary censorship measures the platform took against The Post when it prohibited users from sharing articles that linked then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to his son Hunter and brother James Biden’s foreign business deals.

The social media platform, then headed by CEO Jack Dorsey, also locked The New York Post out of its Twitter account for more than two weeks because of baseless claims that the report used hacked information.