Biden Admin Announces Another $10 Billion For Ukraine

Biden administration Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has announced that America will send another $10 billion in financial aid to Ukraine.

Speaking ahead of a meeting of the G20 in India, Yellen, who previously led the Federal Reserve, argued that the “economic assistance” that the United States was givinv to Ukraine was making their “resistance possible, by supporting the home front, funding critical public services, and helping keep the government running.”

Yellen revealed that “in the coming months,” an extra $10 billion will be sent to the embattled nation from the pockets of taxpaying Americans, meaning that over the last 12 months, around $76.8 billion in humanitarian, economic, and military aid has been sent to Ukraine from America, according to the most recent estimates from the pro-war Council on Foreign Relations.

In a tweet that included Yellen’s remarks, TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk claimed other estimates of U.S. spending in Ukraine “now range from $115 billion to $200 billion in the last 12 months.”

“Putin himself thought he would achieve a victory at minimal cost, in the words of CIA Director Bill Burns. One year later, Putin’s war has been a strategic failure for the Kremlin. Ukraine still stands,” Yellen argued. “We will stand with Ukraine in its fight – for as long as it takes.”

Sunichi Suzuki, the Japanese Finance Minister, said that the country and the rest of the G7 group remains “strongly committed to addressing Ukraine’s urgent short-term financing needs,” and that sanctions “have significantly undermined Russia’s capacity to wage its illegal war. We will continue to closely monitor the effectiveness of sanctions and take further actions as needed.”

Ukraine is currently looking to receive funding to the tune of $15 billion from the IMF in a multi-year programme. In December last year, it was revealed that investment firm BlackRock will be advisiing on the “reconstruction” funding for the country. Coincidentally, a senior BlackRock executive is a top advisor the US Treasury on the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

In an interview last week with NPR, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that there would be neither a “just” nor “durable peace” in Ukraine if Russia did not also give up Crimea, which it annexed in 2014 following the Maidan coup.

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