Born With a Hole in Her Heart

Ruijie was very sick when she was born.

Her mother explains, “She was as light as a feather, like a wounded bird in my arms.  Her breathing was weak.  She closed her eyes and didn’t move.”

The couple hoped for a miracle.  However, within two months, Ruijie wasn’t any better and had fevers over 102.

Her father remembers, “The doctor did some tests and said she had a hole in her heart that would get bigger and could one day kill her.  My wife and I wept.  The miracle we hoped for hadn’t happened.”

And the pain in her heart continued to get worse.

“She cried from morning until night,” Ruijie’a father says.  “Her face was pale and her mouth was purple. She never slept well. Sometimes, she would groan or scream and put her little hand to her heart.”

Ruijies’s mother adds, “Her heart beat very fast.  I was afraid she’d suddenly die, so I stayed up all night to watch her.”

At two, Ruijie was still very weak.

“Her legs were always so soft that she couldn’t even walk steadily,” her mom recalls.

Her immunity was so bad that she got pneumonia.  And doctors said the hole in Ruijie’s heart had gotten bigger.  She needed surgery as soon as possible.  

“I asked around for charities that could help fund heart surgery for poor children and then one day, someone at the hospital told me about CBN,” reports Ruijie’s father.

CBN helped pay for Ruijie’s surgery, and today, she’s healthy and full of energy!

“She’s really changed a lot since her operation. Now she eats like a horse and is always running ahead of us and asking us to hurry up,” her father exclaims.

Ruijie’s mother adds, “She’s so strong.  This is the miracle we were waiting for.  When we thanked CBN for making it happen, they said the miracle was from God. We never believed before, but now we want to understand this great God.”

Ruijie’s dad reflects, “I often think of the way she used to be.  Life was a nightmare until we met CBN.  Now it’s a beautiful dream.”

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