Call to Action: Health Freedom Florida & Ending Vaccine Discrimination

The list of those injured after being injected with the experimental COVID-19 gene therapy vaccines and boosters is rapidly growing. Those injured include infants, children, brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers. Importantly, long before the dangerous and powerful mRNA COVID-19 jabs, vaccine injury has existed and has been silenced and ignored for years. Health Freedom Florida, a grassroots group representing those living in the sunshine state, wants to stop the vaccine injury madness in its tracks. Armed with the truth and receipts to back it up, these relentless warriors are on a mission to protect bodily freedoms and educate the masses. And they need your help.

More About Health Freedom Florida & SB222 / HB305

To end discrimination based on vaccination status, on January 18, 2023, Health Freedom Florida filed SB222 / HB305. Aptly called “The Protection of Medical Freedom Act,” the historic civil rights bill aims to protect the future of America’s children by defending those who have been bullied, discriminated against, coerced, segregated, profiled, terminated, denied an exemption, injured, or died after an injection. Without hesitation, common sense dictates that it is unconstitutional for a government entity or corporation to demand a person be subjected to known damaging medical services such as vaccines in exchange for access to employment or to participate in society. Once passed, these critically historic bills will:

  • Deliver Civil Rights Protections for All Floridians (by adding Vaccination and Immunity Status) to the Civil Rights Statute
  • Prohibit Vaccine Mandates
  • Protect our Medical Data from being sent and tracked by the Federal Government (yes, Florida has a state vaccine tracking database)
  • Cement into Law our Human Rights to Body Sovereignty
  • Reaffirms the Ban on Vaccine Passports
  • Protects Businesses from the Federal Government and weaponization of Gov Agencies, such as the CDC, NIH, and OSHA

UncoverDC spoke with one of Health Freedom Florida’s leaders, warrior Mo Van Hoek, who shared that through their campaign, Health Freedom Florida has received “countless stories of vaccination discrimination, vaccination injury, and rampant bullying that has taken place in medical offices for decades.” Through a link on its website, those injured or discriminated against involving any vaccine can share their story. The group shares the frustrating, heartbreaking, and unconstitutional stories it collects with legislators to provide proof that coercion, force, bullying, and all forms of discrimination have happened in Florida and all of our “free states.” Ms. Van Hoek shared a sampling of some of the stories they’ve received at

“This company has its call center here in Florida. I work for them. And they are taking $100.00 a month from my pay if you are unvaccinated, started on 01/01/2022. They said because you a bigger health risk. I feel discriminated for my choice.” ~ S.L., Miami

“When I visited my medical doctor on October 25, 2021 for a routine examine, my doctor informed me that he would no longer see me as his patient because I had not received the COVID-19 vaccination. This doctor had been my wife and my doctor for 23 years! I asked him, “What about personal choice?” He said he would not put himself, his staff or other patients at risk by allowing me to come to his office unvaccinated. I was shocked and felt that I was being treated unfairly because of my personal choice regarding the vaccination. Just like that, after 23 years, I no longer had a personal doctor!” ~ D.H., Orlando

“Applicant Vaccine Req., show evidence of coercion to external applicants applying for a Flight Attendant position in April 2022. Applicants were required to disclose their COVID-19 vaccination status and told they would be required to upload documentation of full vaccination within three days after beginning employment. So far, the union has looked the other way in all of these issues leading us to conclude that they are operating in bad faith towards the very members that pay them to represent them and protect their jobs.” ~ A.S.

“For my son to play sports in school 8+ years ago,, we were required to submit a health form. I scheduled an appointment and took my son in. We paid our copay and entered the exam room. The nurse came in and explained she could not complete/sign the form because he needed vaccines. I explained we would not be vaccinating him, and she left the room. She returned and told us to leave. I told her we would not leave until we had the form completed. She left returned with the form signed. She then escorted us to the back of the building and had us leave through the back door which put us out into the woods. Two days later we received a certified letter from the pediatrician stating we were no longer allowed to be a patient as we were not in alignment with how they operate.” ~ C.Y., Florida

With Florida’s Special Session Ending, Time is of the Essence

In 2021, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis put in place a special session that will expire in June 2023. With no time to spare, Van Hoek shared with UncoverDC that Health Freedom Florida has three committees on the Senate side and four on the house side to move SB222 / HB305 through in order to get it to a vote by April. When announcing the special session, Gov. DeSantis, who is also investigating “any and all wrongdoing” resulting from the experimental mRNA products, remarked: 

“Your right to earn a living should not be contingent upon COVID shots. When the vaccines first came out, we worked very hard to provide it, particularly to our elderly, but we said from day one: we will make it available for all, but we will mandate it on none because ultimately, we want individuals to make the determinations about what is right for them.

I want a state in which people are able to maintain their livelihoods, earn a living, and provide for their families. And if the federal government or big corporations are hurting people, then we have a responsibility to step up and lead.”

The fast-approaching end to the special session means Health Freedom Florida has a short window “to establish long overdue and much needed medical freedom protections for Florida.” Van Hoek remarked that Senator Gruters and House Representative Barnaby “have gone to bat for all of us to ensure we are protected, create true medical Freedom in Florida, and create a Florida for All.”

Details on How You Can Help End Vaccine Discrimination

With support from the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), Children’s Health Defense (CHD), Stand for Health Freedom, and Physicians for Informed Consent, Health Freedom Florida is energized by the momentum of its mission and is looking for all the help it can get to put an end to the tyranny. In addition to collecting more vaccine injury and discrimination stories (click here to share your story), the group has an urgent call to action to contact your legislators (click here to find your legislator), urging them to cosponsor SB222 / HB305, move the bills through committees, and vote YES to ensure the bills get passed in the upcoming session, which gets underway March 7, 2023. 

Eager to expose the corrupt billion-dollar big pharma industry and the collusive actions of the U.S. government, Van Hoek shared that the passage of these bills “will put Florida once again on the global map of Freedom.” And equally as significant, Health Freedom Florida’s mission will serve as a blueprint for the rest of the nation on the critical task of protecting and preserving our individual rights and freedoms.

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