Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot just got spanked in her reelection bid and is the first first Windy City mayor since 1983 to not win a second term. Regarded as the worst big city mayor in America, voters sent an even bigger message in ousting her. According to Lightfoot however, it’s because of racism that she will no longer lead the city.

In Tuesday’s mayoral election, Lightfoot got only 16.4% of the vote. Former head of Chicago Public Schools Paul Vallas and Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson beat her out and will face each other in a run-off election in April to determine the next mayor.

That’s quite a beatdown, but as The NY Post reports, Lightfoot has an easy explanation for why Chicago rejected her:

Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot blamed racism and her gender for her landslide defeat in her re-election bid, as Chicagoans weary of the rising crime on her watch celebrated her fall from “political rock star to rock bottom.”

“I’m a black woman in America. Of course,” she replied when asked by a reporter if she had been treated unfairly.

Because Chicago is totally MAGA country, right? Isn’t that what Jussie Smollett tried to pull?

Obviously, Lightfoot knew she was doomed because she already had this excuse ready to go.

Amid heavy criticism for the crime wave, homelessness and other troubles plaguing the city, the mayor had also injected race into the run-up to the election.

“I am a black woman — let’s not forget,” Lightfoot, 60, told the New Yorker in a piece that ran Saturday. “Certain folks, frankly, don’t support us in leadership roles.

If racism and sexism are the reason why Chicagoans didn’t vote for Lightfoot yesterday, how did she ever get elected in the first place? Was there a massive influx of racist and sexist people to Chicago in the past 4 years? If anything, people have been fleeing Chicago in droves because of the hellscape Lightfoot created.

As it turns out, even blue state liberal dingdongs don’t like living in a violent shithole.

The Chicago Tribune called her loss a “political embarrassment” and argued that crime “skyrocketed” on her watch.

“Lightfoot campaigned for mayor in 2019 by arguing crime was too high, saying she wanted to make Chicago the ‘safest big city in the country,’” the Tribune said in its analysis of how she went from “political rock star to rock bottom.”

“But homicides, mostly from gun violence, spiked dramatically in 2020 and 2021 from 500 murders in 2019 to 776 and 804 in the next two years, respectively. Shootings and carjackings also skyrocketed.”

Violent crime in the city spiked by 40% since she promised during her inaugural address to end the “epidemic of gun violence that devastates families, shatters communities, holds children hostage to fear in their own homes,” the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Maybe defunding the police and restorative racial justice aren’t the winning political strategies democrats think they are. The Mayors of New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles should pay attention to this, but they won’t.

Joe Biden should heed this warning as well, considering how badly he’s f*cked up the United States in his first 2 years. He’s still pretending like he’s going to run for reelection in 2024, but there’s no way, even with the democrats’ election thievery, that voters are going to give him a second term.

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