Flashback Footage: AIDS Patients Storm the NIH After Fauci Blocks Life-Saving Treatments

Recently resurfaced video footage from a 1990 protest at the National Institute of Health shows AIDS patients and gay activists storming the NIH in protest of Dr. Anthony Fauci, as he was blocking those stricken with the disease from accessing treatments that could have saved their lives, giving his Big Pharma allies a monopoly on HIV/AIDS medications, which proved useless and oftentimes even more detrimental to patients than not treating them at all.

In 1990, as HIV/AIDS cases among homosexuals and IV drug users reached epidemic levels, gay activists stormed the National Institute of Health, calling for Dr. Anthony Fauci’s head. Fauci, who had already been heading up the NIH for roughly six years at the time (he’d stay in the position until receiving a promotion in 2022), was accused by AIDS patients and their supporters of conspiring with Big Pharma to block life-saving treatments and medications that were more accessible and far cheaper than those offered by the multinational drug-producers that he remains aligned with to this day.

Original article: https://nationalfile.com/flashback-footage-aids-patients-storm-the-nih-after-fauci-blocks-life-saving-treatments/