Like it or not, conventional political wisdom says that Joe Biden will have to keep Vice President Kamala Harris as his running mate should he choose to run again in 2024.

Kamala Harris’s visibility and popularity continue to wane; however, as dismal as the VPs popularity ratings are, most pundits agree it would be a major mistake for Biden to drop her and choose someone else if he is to have any hope of reelection.

The President has not officially announced his bid for reelection, nor if he has made any decision about Harris if he does decide to run. Biden is known to take his time to make these kinds of big decisions.

With both the President’s and Harris’s poll numbers deep underwater, it’s anyone’s guess if Biden thinks he made a mistake in choosing Harris, but now he is pretty much stuck with her. Dropping her from the ticket now runs the risk of alienating women and African Americans — voter blocks that Biden cannot afford to lose if he is to have any hope of retaining the Oval Office. 

Also, Joe Biden’s age has come up over and over again, and Harris – at 58 – also serves as a counter to Biden’s advanced age. Biden will be 80 when he runs if he does. Removing her would not help him and only do further damage to the age issue. 

The bottom line is that despite possibly being a drag on the ticket if Biden runs, Harris is more than likely to run with him. Whether that is beneficial to him or his opponent, whomever that may be, remains to be seen.

Source: https://punchingbagpost.com/if-biden-runs-he-has-to-keep-harris-on-the-ticket/