In a Show of Force, ‘Racist’ Algerian Muslims Seize Control of French Streets (Video)

Yesterday, in a show of force, Muslim migrants from Algeria living in France gathered in the capital to celebrate Victory Day (March 19), which signifies Algeria winning its independence from France. The Allahu Akbar chanting crowd expressed their attachment to their motherland and saluted the Islamic President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

Brandishing the national flag and chanting, “Long live Algeria,” “Long live President Tebboune,” “Long live the People’s National Army,” and “Glory to our martyrs,” the crowd showed their pride in belonging to their motherland. The Islamic migrants also sang the national anthem of Algeria, a country ruled by Sharia.

As one user on Twitter points out, the crowds are “celebrating the independence of Algeria where they came to live… with the colonizer of Algeria.”

The crowds also wanted to show the Algerian army support against the constant so-called “attacks by traitors to their nation.” In doing so, they also wanted to respond to the French regime, which they feel condones those who seek to harm Algeria, which does not prevent it from sending delegations to beg in Algiers to obtain gas and contracts.

“We love our country. Algeria will remain victorious thanks to the iron determination of its faithful and loyal people. We pay tribute to our President, Uncle Tebboune, our Army, a worthy heir of the National Liberation Army. Down with the traitors and conspirators against our beloved country,” said a marcher.

Another loyal Algerian citizen living in France intervened:” This is the first time the members of the Algerian community established in France organize a rally in the heart of the French capital to celebrate Victory Day (March 19). I am one of the organizers of this mass gathering aimed at countering the plots of the conspirators and henchmen who are executing the hostile agendas aimed at undermining the security of our country. Enemies are plotting to harm our beloved country… But how far! all their vicious plans will be in vain…. we’re on the lookout.”

Racist Algerians

During the demonstration, racist chants by the Algerians can be heard toward Moroccans. “Give him bananas, give him bananas; the Moroccan is an animal,” they shouted. French officials have not commented on the racist statements made by Algerians. However, if a crowd of white French Christians had made such racist comments, it would be international news.