Journalists Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger Accuse Twitter and Stanford University of Running ‘Censorship’ and ‘Disinformation’ Campaign on Vaccines

Journalists Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger accused Twitter of colluding with Stanford University in order to run a “censorship” and “disinformation” campaign to mislead the public on vaccines.

Taibbi and Shellenberger appeared on the floor of Congress to take questions where they explained documents they anaylized as part of the “Twitter Files” series, which has exposed the Big Brother apparatus that has developed over the past several years with social media companies doing the bidding of the federal government.

“We found just yesterday a tweet from the Virtality Project from Stanford, which is partnered with a number of government agencies and Twitter, where they talked explicitly about censoring stories of true vaccine side effects and other true stories that they felt encouraged hesitancy,” Taibbi said.

“They believe that ordinary people can’t handle difficult truths, so they think that they need minders to separate out things that are controversial and difficult for them.” he added.

“This is very disturbing because what they are doing when they’re putting labels on [the tweets] is that they are actually also trying to discredit you. It’s a form of censorship but it’s also a disinformation campaign,” Shellenberger said.

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Big League Politics has reported on how Twitter regularly hires federal agents in order to blur the lines between the public and private sectors:

Twitter is hiring an army of intelligence community spooks, many of whom worked for the FBI, as they move forward with their plans to conduct ubiquitous Big Brother censorship on its platform.

Mint Press News discovered from data on the professional networking site LinkedIn that individuals such as Jeff Carlton, Mark Jaroszewski, Douglas Turner, Dawn Burton, Karen Walsh, Jim Baker moved from prominent roles within the deep state to important jobs within Twitter in recent years. Other individuals who refused to give their real names, such as Cherrelle Y., Laura D., Bruce A., Patrick G., and Matthew W., also made the move from the intelligence community to Twitter.

FBI whistleblower Coleen Rowley, who was named 2002 Time Person of the Year for exposing how the feds ignored evidence of the Sept. 11 attacks ahead of time, said that news of collusion between Big Tech and the deep state ought to surprise nobody.

“Retired agents often maintained good relationships and networks with current agents. So they can call up their old buddy and find out stuff… There were certainly instances of retired agents for example trying to find out if there was an investigation of so and so. And if you are working for a company, that company is going to like that influence,” Rowley told Mint Press News.

t. “These [tech] companies are using the mythical aura of the FBI. They can point to somebody and say ‘oh, you can trust us; our CEO or CFO is FBI,’” she added.”

It should come as no surprise that Taibbi and Shellenberger were attacked viciously by Democrats while giving their testimony. The Democrats are at war with the Bill of Rights.

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