Kamala Harris Takes Stage, Immediately Starts Cackling At Women’s History Month Event (Video)

Vice President Kamala Harris appeared at an event for Women’s History Month being hosted at the White House yesterday. She joined Jill Biden, Joe Biden, and a group of invitees.

When Harris took the stage, she immediately started cackling in her famous way. Laughing in a harsh and loud tone that seemed to be offputting to the audience. See a clip of that moment below…

Harris then delivered a world salad when talking about the women of history. She can be quoted as saying…

See a clip of that moment below…

Earlier today, we covered Joe Biden making a strange comment about Jill Biden during his speech. He said that Jill Biden ‘leaves him messages on the mirror while he’s shaving’. One note, Biden recalled, said ‘stop trying to make me love you’. An odd moment. See a clip of that moment below, or read our article.

This comes as Harris was recently booed at a Howard basketball game, her Alma-mater. She made no public comment about the public shaming.

Apparently, Biden and Harris have figured it out. If they only invite their own supporters to the White House, nobody will ever publicly disagree with them!

It only leaves themselves to make their Administration look bad…. and they do a great job of that!

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