Kamala is the Key to a Republican Presidential Win

The Democrats are placing all their bets on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris winning re-election in 2024. Their approval ratings continue to plummet, and both will easily be below 35% by the end of this year. These are not precisely the numbers to run a re-election campaign on. To most people, this blind faith in the current administration is tantamount to buying a ticket on the Titanic as it nears the iceberg.

Though Joe Biden continues to claim the economy is strong, 65% of Americans do not agree. Biden’s lousy fiscal policies actually impact these people. This storyline seems like Deja Vu, as this has been the case for most of his Presidency. But now we have the stock market dwindling as the Fed continues to raise rates to ward off a recession, which seems more inevitable every day. We have had two bank failures that make depositors everywhere uneasy about the safety of their savings. Biden says the banking industry is under control, but reality again proves Biden wrong. If Biden and Yellen decide arbitrarily which banks they will bail out, the industry and people will turn against him. Selective relief will please no one.

Kamala has been asked to wear many hats, but none fit, and she has failed every assignment. In most cases, it wasn’t attacking tasks poorly, but not at all. She has proven inept in every aspect of the job and is clearly a poor politician and leader. Nobody, including most Democrats, can ever see her as a Commander in Chief. She has no future in Washington, but she will not walk away. That is the problem the Democrats need to solve. It will not be easy, as Kamala will not admit failure.

Biden seems adamant about being on the ticket, though he hesitates to declare. He may be waiting for better timing when his numbers turn around or waiting for the outcome for Hunter. When the Hunter investigations go south, and Joe’s many lies are uncovered, he may have no choice but to step aside. No President since LBJ has been satisfied with one term, but the decision may not be Joe’ to make.

The Democrats will be hesitant to vote for a feeble Biden in 2024 if Kamala is the successor should Biden have to step down. Nobody wants to see Kamala with her hand on the Bible. The thought of Kamala assuming the throne puts a bad taste on every pallet. As long as Kamala is in the co-pilot’s seat, Joe will never come close to his record vote total of 2020.

I admitted last week that I see Trump as the only solution to the state Biden has driven our country. He has the Republicans, and a Biden/Harris ticket may be all the Independents need to pull the Trump lever. For the recovery to be effective, we need one more piece of the puzzle to fall into place. That piece would be for Mitch McConnell to retire. The House is under control, and our majority will grow in 2024. McConnell to step aside will let us get true Conservative leadership in the Senate. Somebody like Rick Scott would be a viable successor.

Source: https://www.conservativedailynews.com/2023/03/kamala-is-the-key-to-a-republican-presidential-win/