Lori Lightfoot’s Humiliating Loss Means Hope for America’s Future

It’s not just Chicago that should be celebrating. This is a good sign for the nation.

It’s not hyperbole to say the landslide loss for Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has massive national implications. Chicago is the biggest American city that doesn’t touch an ocean, one that has been ruled over by Democrats for decades. That’s not going to change; two Democrats beat her out in last night’s primary. But it’s telling that a leftist city that installed her for one term didn’t give her another round.

That hasn’t happened in Chicago in 40 years.

“But they’re still going to get a Democrat,” many will admit. This is true. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that a once-beloved mayor was ousted by a ridiculous margin due to her track record. Democrat-run cities have been oblivious to their leaders’ track records for a long time. Is there a shift happening?

Considering 83% of Chicago voters chose someone other than the incumbent, yes, it appears there is a shift happening. I will do further analysis and discuss this in-depth in a future episode of my show. In the meantime, here are the bullet points that explain why Lightfoot’s massive loss offers hope for America’s future.

  • Identity Politics Failed: Lori Lightfoot is the epitome of intersectionality. She is a homosexual woman of color. There aren’t a whole lot of other checkboxes she’d have to click to be more of a darling to Democrats. She used her status throughout her term as Mayor and leaned into it further during her campaign. It didn’t work. Are Americans getting sick of electing people based on their status rather than their merits?
  • Crime Made the News: Rising violent crime is not something to celebrate, but seeing corporate media acknowledge it from time to time even when it’s not politically expedient for Democrats is fresh. Since the Obama era, corporate media has downplayed crime in major cities because invariably it rises in Democrat-run metros. But the people have been demanding more accurate coverage and local news channels in big cities have been obliging. Is this what it will take to make urban areas more aware of just how bad Democrat policies are?
  • It’s the Economic, Stupid: Nearly every city in America is in a worse economic state than they were in the Trump years. This falls mostly on the Biden-Harris regime’s shoulders, but it’s impossible to ignore horrible decisions made by state and local politicians when many red states are fairing much better than their blue counterparts. As bad as things are across the whole country, Chicago has outpaced just about every other city in fiscal ineptitude. If things don’t get much better soon, will this bring more bad news for incumbents in 2024?

Lori Lightfoot’s loss is America’s gain. Many have been losing hope in the notion that poor performance by politicians will result in changes. Chicago may be the first domino to fall in America’s favor. At least that’s what we hope.

Source: https://americafirstreport.com/lori-lightfoots-humiliating-loss-means-hope-for-americas-future/