The American left uses threats and violence to intimidate those with whom they do not agree.

And, yes, this is a tried and tested tactic of extremist revolutionaries. The familiar tactic has been employed by radical regimes throughout history.

GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted out that she was attacked in a restaurant by an insane woman and that she was “screamed at by [the woman’s] adult son” late Monday night.

Greene said:

People used to respect others even if they had different views. But not anymore. Our country is gone.

Over the past several years, the communist/globalist extremists have called for increasing violence against Republican leaders.

NOTE: California radical leftist Rep. Maxine Waters, who has frequently called for protests and violence, prefers to travel with an armed escort while asking her “army” to go after other politicians and “get in their faces.”

Twitter users responded to Greene’s post with frustration, angered by [communists/globalists] who have encouraged reckless and targeted behavior among their constituents.

One user tweeted:

This kind of behavior and conduct is one inspired by the likes of Maxine Waters and other violent [leftists] that urge the public to this kind of violence. It’s time they are held for their actions. Including these nut cases that have been let out on public figures.

This was a common occurrence during the Trump years. Republican and Trump administration officials were frequently harassed and attacked by the violent left while they were out in public.

No Republican is safe from the woke mob—this is not the first time Greene has been threatened.

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According to The Gateway Pundit:

Earlier this month, a New York man pleaded guilty to threatening Rep. Greene.

Joseph F. Morelli, 51, admitted that he had left the congresswoman many threatening messages during the Spring of 2022.

In one voicemail Morelli said:

I’m gonna have to take your life into my own hands … I’m gonna hurt you. Physically, I’m gonna harm you.

Fox News reported:

The Republican firebrand has previously been subject to threats, as well.

Federal prosecutors announced earlier this month that a New York man had pleaded guilty to making threatening phone calls to Greene’s office in Washington, D.C.

Final thoughts: As a result of their refusal to report these leftist attacks, the mass propaganda media are complicit—they must be held accountable.

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