In a rush to cover up the fact that a transgender shooter killed 6 people at a Christian school in Nashville, the media went with the false narrative that is was a man pretending to be a woman. In fact, it was woman pretending to be a man. In related news, Joe Biden misgendered the weapons used, calling them AK-47s, based purely on his imagination.

Yesterday, Def-Con News reported that the media was describing, Audrey Elizabeth Hale, the shooter who killed 6 at a Tennessee Christian school as someone who, identifies as a transgender woman.” Despite the fact that she has a female name and appeared to be a woman, the media was saying she was a man pretending to be a woman.

Finally, the leftist scum of the media got it right:

They are blaming the police and not their shoddy reporting, but at least they figured out this was a biological woman. These things are very confusing, but a “transgender man” is someone who was born female and identifies as male.

I don’t have a fancy-ass journalism degree and I was able to make this determination after doing approximately 10 seconds of research. I found the killer’s social media profile that show she uses male pronouns, which in Transland means she thinks she is a he. I was going to say the liberal media should give me a job, but I may be too good at finding the truth.

Speaking of lies, Joe Biden was completely full of shit yesterday, while trying to exploit the Nashville tragedy to push his unconstitutional gun control agenda. After making some awful jokes about ice cream, Biden addressed the shooting by saying, “We’re still gathering the facts what happened.”

But then Joe gathered some facts from his imagination claiming the trans shooter, “had two assault weapons and a pistol. Two AK-47.” Because Joe doesn’t speak English so good, he failed to pluralize the AKs, and because he doesn’t think so good, he was completely wrong about the weapons used in the shooting.

The Metro Nashville PD released pictures of the guns, showing Biden was way off:

Not an AK in the bunch.

Another glaring omission in the left’s reporting on this shooting is that it was a clear case of domestic terrorism. It was a transgender shooter, who specifically targeted a Christian school:

And, The Trans Radical Activist Network actively called for this sort of thing:

The shooting of a Christian school by a transgender comes the same week that activists scheduled a “Trans Day of Vengeance,” with the group also raising money for firearms training.

— Luke Rosiak (@lukerosiak) March 27, 2023

This was the first attack in a declared trans war against normal people. The FBI will send a SWAT team to arrest a guy for being pro-life, but when the trannies start killing children, they lack the will to do anything about it.