Obama’s Anti-White Strategist Joins The Biden Team

“emphasis on equity into the fabric of Federal policymaking” is the goal of the Biden administration’s newly formed “White House Steering Committee for Equity,” which Susan Rice has been chosen to head.

President Biden signed an executive order on February 16 to “further advance racial equity” with the aim of “advancing an ambitious, entirety-of-government strategy to racial equity and assistance for underserved areas and to consistently embed equity into all the aspects of Government decision-making.” The order also established a new office to “transform” federal agencies.

Every significant government agency will be obliged to set up “Agency Equity Teams” within a month of the directive, and these teams will be tasked with submitting yearly programming plans to Rice’s steering committee.

These equity teams will be tasked with “delivering equitable results for the American people” as well as “the implementation of equity programs” inside their respective agencies.

Some programs aim to “promote equitable flows of private capital” and “continuous equity training as well as equity leadership development.”

President of America First Legal Stephen Miller said:

“With the flick of a pen, Biden has turned the whole federal govt. into a diversity, equity, as well as inclusion cult, embedding equity czars in almost every executive branch agency and tying every dept. to the Marxist equity goal. In other words, to reach a predetermined gender or racial identity outcome even if it necessitates merciless discrimination against American residents, every prior legislation and regulation must now be reinterpreted to assure racial and gender parity.”

The executive order signed by Biden is part of a bigger effort by his government to put race at the forefront of all policy decisions, which began on his first day in office.

For instance, as Breitbart News reported, HHS Sec. Xavier Becerra misrepresented the Biden administration’s position that physicians are not encouraged to embrace “anti-racism” programs in exchange for increased government funding.

The following is stated in Volume 86 of the Federal Register in the “New Improvement Activity” section with the “Activity Title Design and Execute an Anti-Racism Plan” and the subcategory “Achieving Health Equity”

“Use the CMS Disparities Assessment Report or other anti-racism planning tools to develop and carry out an anti-racism strategy. A clinic-wide evaluation of current tools and policies, such as value statements or clinical practice guidelines, should be part of the strategy to make sure they reflect an anti-racism commitment and recognize that race is a social and political construct, not a biological one.”

“The strategy would make use of the CMS Disparities Impact Report, a tool for all health care stakeholders to accomplish equity in health for racial and ethnic minorities, individuals with disabilities, people of different sexual orientations and gender identities, people who speak limited English, and rural populations.”

Source: https://www.thebeardedpatriot.com/obamas-anti-white-strategist-joins-the-biden-team/