The Georgia Grand Jury Trump Witch Hunt Project

You, as foreperson (or member) of the grand jury … shall … keep the deliberations of the grand jury secret unless called upon to give evidence thereof in some court of law in this state. You shall present no one from envy, hatred, or malice, nor shall you leave anyone unpresented from fear, favor, affection, reward, or the hope thereof, but you shall present all things truly and as they come to your knowledge.  So help you, God.

2020 Georgia Code Title 15 – Courts Chapter 12 – Juries Article 4 – Grand Juries Part 1 – General Provisions § 15-12-67. Appointment or Election of Foreman; Oath of Foreman and Grand Jurors Universal Citation: GA Code § 15-12-67 (2020)

The foreperson of the Georgia Grand Jury Emily Khors has appeared on multiple television channels, including CNN, MSNBC, etc., to blab, while laughing and giggling like a 14-year-old, about the alleged recommendations of the Georgia Grand Jury convened to investigate the latest attempt of many by the establishment to get Donald Trump (on something or other, whatever, anything will do). 


since Khors has a Pinterest page dedicated to Wicca exhibiting “collections of pins about witchcraft and magic spells,” and since witches do not generally believe in the traditional idea of God (unless one means the Earth or Gaia), her oath “before God” might not have represented the same sacred obligation that it does to most of us peasants who don’t giggle and make funny faces for a living.  Perhaps purporting to swear “before God” was Khors’s first act of deception. 

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