These Are Some Of The Transgender Books They Are Pushing On Your Children…

It seems like we’ve got a new push to indoctrinate our children with radical gender ideology. That’s right, publishing houses are churning out books aimed at children as young as three to teach them about transgender concepts. These books claim that people don’t choose to be transgender, they’re born that way. But what kind of message are we sending to our kids by exposing them to this kind of material at such a young age?

Many of these books are gaining popularity among school districts and educational institutions, all in the name of appeasing the LGBTQ community. We’re seeing more and more schools jumping on the bandwagon of promoting the gay rights agenda and pushing these topics onto children at younger and younger ages. It’s just not right.

One group, Transgender Trend, has expressed concern about the increasing frequency of young children changing their genders. They analyzed about sixty LGBTQ books aimed at school-age children and found that these so-called “trans picture books” are a completely new phenomenon. The lead investigator for the group, Shelley Charlesworth, said, “Telling young children that hairstyles and clothes will change their sex and that other children will then believe it to be true is a cruel deception.”

It’s downright cynical to use these kinds of tricks on children who are at an age when fantasy play is at its most intense. We’re seeing books like Bye Bye, Binary, which follows the story of a little baby who refuses to identify as either a boy or a girl, and claims that gender norms are just social constructs. What kind of message are we sending to our children? That it’s okay to reject biology and embrace confusion? I don’t think so.

Another book, She’s My Dad!, is aimed at three-year-olds and tells the story of a father who transitioned from male to female. The six-year-old protagonist says in the book, “My dad’s name is Haley. She used to be a he, but now she is a she! Last year she did this thing called transition.” Are we supposed to believe that this is an appropriate topic for young children? It’s ridiculous.

Judith Nemeth, a former teacher, and director of The Values Foundation agree that using narratives to promote politically driven, non-scientifically based notions is not only confusing, but it’s also irresponsible. Children learn about life through stories, and these books are teaching them the wrong things. We need to take a step back and consider the implications of promoting this kind of material to our kids.

Despite the controversy, many people believe in the importance of introducing young children to transgender issues. But I’m not convinced. I think we need to leave these kinds of discussions to parents and educators, who can determine what’s best for their children. It’s up to us to educate ourselves about gender identity issues so that we can properly guide and direct young children on this important subject.

But let’s be clear: these books are a part of our culture now, whether we like them or not. And it’s up to us to push back against this kind of indoctrination and stand up for what’s right. We need to put the well-being of our children first and resist the pressure to conform to radical gender ideology.

We need to be vigilant about the messages our children are receiving from the media and the education system. Let’s not allow our kids to be brainwashed into thinking that biology is irrelevant and that they can change their gender on a whim. We need to stand up for the truth and defend our values, no matter how unpopular they may be.