Trump Has the Golf World Divided After Controversial Move on Course

No matter how you feel about Trump, you have to admit this move took some stones.

On February 21, ZIRE GOLF shared a video on Instagram featuring former President Donald J. Trump showcasing his golf skills, which is considered one of his strengths. Trump, who is a billionaire residing in Florida and owning his own golf course, triggered a significant discussion within the online golf community while enjoying this activity.

As Trump approached the hole to take his putt, he drove his golf cart on the green, disregarding traditional golf etiquette and infuriating golf purists. On the other hand, individuals who view Trump in high regard were thrilled to witness him unapologetically doing as he pleases.

Speaking from my perspective, I understand why traditionalists of golf may feel upset. If I were playing on a golf course, I would prefer to have a smooth and pristine green. Golf is, after all, a sport that emphasizes elegance and refinement. Therefore, I can empathize with their point of view in this debate.

However, it should be noted that the incident occurred at Trump’s own golf course, giving him the liberty to make his own rules. It is a straightforward matter. Unfortunately, in our society, many individuals possess the mindset that they have the right to dictate how others should live their lives, pursue their careers, manage their properties, and so on.