President Trump reacted to over 1.2 million illegible voters being removed from Los Angeles County’s voter rolls.

Trump said:

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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Let’s ask Rupert Murdoch—So how can the Election have been “Fair and Balanced” if Los Angeles County agreed, during litigation, that there were 1.2 million ineligible voters after the Election? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Our Elections are Third World!

Pro-Trump News previously reported on the massive election integrity win.
Inaccurate voter rolls are a problem all across America.

Thanks to Judicial Watch Los Angeles County’s voter rolls just got a lot cleaner.
Over 1.2 million illegible voters have been removed from their voter rolls thanks to a settlement agreement.

Judicial Watch reported:

Judicial Watch announced today that Los Angeles County removed 1,207,613 ineligible voters from its rolls since last year under the terms of a settlement agreement in a federal lawsuit Judicial Watch filed in 2017 (Judicial Watch, Inc., et al. v. Dean C. Logan, et al. (No. 2:17-cv-08948)). Judicial Watch sued on its own behalf and on behalf of four lawfully registered voters in Los Angeles County and the Election Integrity Project California, Inc., a public interest group involved in monitoring California’s voter rolls.

Under the terms of the settlement agreement, Los Angeles County sent almost 1.6 million address confirmation notices in 2019 to voters listed as “inactive” on its voter rolls. Under the federal National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), voters who do not respond to the notices and who do not vote in the following two federal elections must be removed from the voter rolls. The settlement also required an update to the state’s online NVRA manual to make it clear that ineligible names must be removed and to notify each California county that they are obliged to do this.

In the most recent of a series of progress reports to Judicial Watch, Los Angeles County confirmed that a total of 1,207,613 ineligible and inactive voters were recently removed from the rolls. Los Angeles County confirmed last year that over 634,000 of its inactive voters hadn’t voted in at least 10 years.
Judicial Watch previously detailed that Los Angeles County had allowed more than 20% of its registered voters to become inactive without removing them from the voter list.
They are doing great work all across the country.

North Platt Bulletin reported:

Judicial Watch assembled a team of voting rights attorneys who cleaned up voter rolls in California, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky and stopped discriminatory elections in Hawaii, the group said in a press release.

Also, Judicial Watch recently settled a federal election integrity lawsuit against New York City whereby the city removed 441,083 ineligible names from the voter rolls and promised to take reasonable steps going forward to clean its voter registration lists.

Kentucky also removed hundreds of thousands of old registrations after it entered into a consent decree to end another Judicial Watch lawsuit.

In February 2022, Judicial Watch settled a voter roll clean-up lawsuit against North Carolina and two of its counties after North Carolina removed more than 430,000 inactive registrations from its voter rolls.
Massive win for Judicial Watch and America.
God speed to Conservatism and to the Take Back of our Constitutional Republic.

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