Charles Negy, a University of Central Florida (UCF) professor who says he was fired after speaking out against the notion of systemic racism and White privilege, doesn’t believe diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) applies to everyone.

UCF fired Negy, he claims, after he sent a pair of tweets in the summer of 2020 – at the height of racial tensions in America following the death of George Floyd in police custody – that questioned the belief of systemic racism and White privilege. He finds it odd that the university’s website claims, “Our motto is simple: Diversity includes all of us – at the same time,” because he feels there are different sets of rules for different types of peoples.

“This notion of diversity, equity and inclusion, it’s a lot to unpack. It’s not the nice sounding things that the words sound like. Diversity is pretty much anti-White and secondarily anti-Asian. Equity, of course, is showing favoritism for some racial groups at the expense of other racial groups, which is illegal, unconstitutional and immoral. And inclusion. Wow. Did I feel included because they didn’t like my views? So, it seems like there are certain groups that are not included in inclusion,” Negy told Fox News Digital.

“Those groups tend to be White men, heterosexuals, cisgender — which is kind of a slur against those who are not transgender –Christians, Republicans, conservative,” Negy continued. “That’s a lot of groups who don’t seem to be so welcomed in this inclusivity model.”

Negy, who is half White and half Hispanic, was eventually given his job back when an arbitrator ruled he did nothing wrong, and he filed a lawsuit last week accusing the university’s board of trustees of violating the First and Fourteenth Amendments, along with negligence, abuse of process, and intentional infliction of severe emotional distress.

“I am also gay, so I’m a minority, and boy, that doesn’t matter. {snip}” he said.


In 2020, Nagy asked in a tweet that is no-longer available, “If Afr. Americans as a group, had the same behavioral profile as Asian Americans (on average, performing the best academically, having the highest income, committing the lowest crime, etc.), would we still be proclaiming ‘systematic racism’ exists?”

The professor also tweeted, “Black privilege is real: Besides affirm. action, special scholarships and other set asides, being shielded from legitimate criticism is a privilege. But as a group, they’re missing out on much needed feedback.”