Vaxx Update: The C-19 vaccine ‘Road to Hell’ is becoming more obvious by the day. When will public perception flip? Yet the effing Big Pharmas are still pushing their crap. See attached…

It’s nothing short of astounding to watch folks still breathing-in the “Satanic Anesthesia” regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the “vaccines” and boosters that have been proffered as “the solution.”

Here’s a current TV ad featuring well-known musician John Legend “pushing” the Pfizer COVID-19 “booster.”

I like the man’s music…. however, he’s got to be either very uninformed and/or VERY coopted to make such an outrageous, piece of shit, falsehood television commercial:

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Here’s another commercial running concurrently with Legend’s for Pfizer, only this one is pushing the supposed COVID-19 treatment pill Paxlovid. (Yeah, right!)

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If you simply listen to the list of possible adverse reactions or negative drug interactions, no intelligent person would be in the same room with this BS med, much less take it.

See how Google and YouTube are pushing all this?

Epidemic of Sudden Adult Deaths Finally Made News

Story at-a-glance

  • Former BlackRock fund manager Edward Dowd is bringing attention to the surge in deaths and disability that has occurred since the COVID-19 shot campaign rolled out
  • Group life policyholders, who are typically healthier than the general population, experienced mortality spikes of 40% in 2021
  • Disability numbers among the workforce reached a high of 33.2 million in September 2022, with numbers still trending up — a highly unusual increase
  • Central banks, pharmaceutical companies, Big Tech and the media all benefited from the pandemic and have an interest in covering up what Dowd describes as a “large global murder scene”
  • Dowd believes there’s enough alarming data to warrant the COVID-19 shot program being stopped immediately, as the death and disability from the shots could easily exceed that from COVID-19

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IT WAS ALL A LIE: How you were tricked into taking part in a Deadly Experiment that killed Millions through Midazolam Poisoning & COVID-19 Vaccination

The world was thrown into chaos when a new virus, Covid-19, was declared a pandemic by the government. Fear propaganda was broadcasted non-stop on television and radio, all paid for by the government and they used the pandemic as an excuse to pass laws that restricted civil liberties and bribed the public with furlough payments to not go to work.

As the pandemic progressed, the government’s true motives were revealed, as they were found to be putting vulnerable individuals into end-of-life care and administering a drug called midazolam to kill them, while lying to the public by claiming that their deaths were due to the virus.

The consequences of vaccination were also revealed as it was not actually a vaccine, but an experimental gene therapy that had never been used on humans before.

Tragically, as things began to settle, the true consequences of the Covid-19 injection roll-out were realized.

The fully vaccinated accounted for over 9 in every 10 deaths associated with the virus, and mortality rates per 100,000 were lowest among the unvaccinated and highest among the vaccinated in every age group.

Two years after the initial roll-out, 20 million deaths had been recorded in the “Five Eyes” countries and 26 other countries in Europe, resulting in 2 million excess deaths. This was a huge increase on deaths recorded throughout the pandemic prior to the vaccine roll-out.

In Europe, there was a huge increase in excess deaths among children aged 0 to 14-, as soon as the vaccine was approved for children by the EMA. The very “vaccine” that was supposed to protect them had the opposite effect, and many parents were left devastated after falling for the coercive lies which resulted in the loss of their children’s lives.

Meanwhile, in the USA, half a million deaths among children and young adults were recorded following the Covid-19 injection roll-out, resulting in 120,000 excess deaths. This highlights the severe impact that the vaccine had on the young and healthy and the devastating loss of life caused by the vaccine.

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“I’m Not Sure Anyone Should Be Taking Them” – Florida Surgeon General Declares mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Have a “Terrible Safety Profile”

New Wuhan Scandal: US Agencies Double-Paid Virus Research Costs

Unearthed emails from 2020 prove that COVID-19 PCR testing is a SCAM

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