Aerosmith Rocker Finally Responds to Accusation of Sexually Assaulting a Minor

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith has responded to allegations that he sexually assaulted a minor in 1973 and compelled her to undergo an abortion, in connection to a lawsuit filed in December.

RollingStone magazine obtained a lengthy response in which the 75-year-old rocker, Steven Tyler, vehemently denied the accusations made by Julia Misley, formerly known as Julia Holcomb, the plaintiff in the lawsuit.

As a part of his defense, the band’s frontman claimed that the plaintiff had given her consent to their sexual relationship, and he has put forward 24 affirmative defenses denying the accusations. Furthermore, he has requested that the lawsuit filed against him in December 2022 be dismissed by a judge.

One of the defenses presented by Tyler claims that Misley’s accusations are either entirely or partially invalid as she had consented to the sexual relationship. He also stated that he is immune or qualifiedly immune from the charges as a caregiver and/or guardian.

The singer also stated that Misley “has not suffered any injury or damage as a result of any action by Defendant,” and continued saying “if it is determined that Plaintiff has been damaged, then any such damages were not caused by Defendant,” according to the outlet.

According to a statement by Misley’s lawyer, Jeff Anderson, Tyler’s response to the allegations was characterized as “gaslighting.” Anderson also alleged that Tyler falsely claimed Misley had given her consent and justified the harm he had caused her by stating it was done in good faith.

“Never have we encountered a legal defense as obnoxious and potentially dangerous as the one that Tyler and his lawyers launched this week: Their claim that legal guardianship is consent and permission for sexual abuse,” Anderson’s statement also pointed out.

Tyler’s response was filed three months after Misley initiated the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court. Misley has maintained for a long time that Tyler compelled her to undergo an abortion when she was only 17, as previously reported. She filed the lawsuit before a California state law, which dealt with certain sexual abuse crimes, expired last year.

Although the lawsuit does not name Tyler directly, the plaintiff references Tyler’s 2011 memoir in which he wrote about nearly marrying a teenage girl, whose parents signed over custody to him to avoid legal issues. The plaintiff accuses Tyler of sexual assault, sexual battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress in the lawsuit.