Biden Security Scare After Secret Itinerary, Police Document Found in Belfast Street

A mishap during President Biden’s visit to Northern Ireland created a security scare. A top secret document detailing the president’s itinerary and security operation was stumbled upon by a man on the streets of Belfast.

The police of Northern Ireland confirmed there was a security breach around the United States president’s visit to their country. The classified document ended up in the hands of a resident who just so happened to come across the document out in the open.

The document contained highly sensitive information, including a detailed schedule of Biden’s trip along with information about officer personnel assisting the president during his travels. The names, phone numbers and addresses of top Northern Ireland police officers were shared in the found material.

The security scare comes at a time of unrest in the region. Pipe bombs were discovered in a cemetery on the day of President Biden’s arrival. Additionally, police patrol cars have been firebombed as attacks on police became more prevalent ahead of the president’s arrival.

The Secret Service has acknowledged reports of the classified document leak on the streets of Northern Ireland and says the president’s travel plans have not been impacted.

This comes as the federal government is facing scrutiny amid the greatest military and intelligence leak in more than a decade.