Biden Sending Another $1 Billion of Your Money to Other Countries – This Time to Fight Climate Change

It seems like the rest of the world is getting an awful lot of our money these days. Tax Day came and went earlier this week and we hope you paid up. Other nations are literally banking on it.

President Biden on Thursday pledged $1 billion in taxpayer money to the United Nations’ Green Climate Fund.

That brings the total contribution from the United States to that particular fund to $2 billion.

“In 2021, President Biden pledged to work with Congress to quadruple U.S. climate support for developing countries to more than $11 billion a year by 2024,” a White House statement reads.

Additionally, President Biden will request “$500 million over five years for the Amazon Fund and related activities” to help combat rainforest deforestation in Brazil.

Imagine Oprah’s voice – You get taxpayer money! And YOU get taxpayer money! Everybody gets taxpayer money!

Where Will the Billions for Climate Change Go?

President Donald Trump described the United Nations’ Green Climate Fund (GCF) as “yet another scheme to redistribute wealth out of the United States” as he pledged to no longer finance it.

The Heritage Foundation claims the GCF “distorts energy markets and encourages corruption.”

The group reported in 2017 that “some of the top recipient nations of government-funded climate programs have been some of the most corrupt.”

“Nobody even knows where the money is going to,” Trump would claim. “Nobody’s been able to say where is it going to.”

As Biden vows to send another $1 billion to the United Nations climate change fund, we just learned earlier this week that our money being doled out to help Afghanistan is very likely ending up in the hands of the Taliban.

“Unfortunately, as I sit here today, I cannot assure this committee or the American taxpayer we are not currently funding the Taliban,” special investigator John Sopko testified.

Congress thus far has refused to audit where the billions of dollars being sent to Ukraine are going as well.

Why would this climate fund be any different?

Politico laughably notes that “Republicans stand in the way” of President Biden’s climate agenda.

“Republican positioning imperils Biden’s goal of increasing international climate finance to $11 billion annually by 2024,” they stated.

The way they stood in the way and imperiled Democrats’ $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill? Oh wait, they voted with the Democrats.

The way they stood in the way and imperiled a debt ceiling deal the year before by temporarily suspending the filibuster? Whoopsie, they voted with them on that as well.

Or maybe the way they stood in the way and imperiled the infrastructure bill? Negative. Biden was practically giddy about calling it the ‘bipartisan’ infrastructure deal every chance he got.

Who are they kidding? If President Biden wants to send $1 billion to the United Nations climate change fund, the GOP isn’t going to stop him.

If he wants to get the newly revised Green New Deal over the hump at a price tag of roughly eleventy trillion dollars, it’s going to happen.

If there’s one thing Republicans and Democrats both love, it’s giving away other people’s money and getting nothing in return.