BidenCrimes.Info Provides Grim Details From The Hunter Biden Laptop

Website Documents Staggering Revelations of Sleepy Joe Family Misconduct

Joe Biden and his crackhead son Hunter Biden are documented extensively for their exploits at the new website, which documents some of the key information from the Hunter Biden laptop.

Hunter Biden infamously left his laptop at a Delaware computer shop and it made its way to Rudy Giuliani of the pro-Trump effort, and then eventually many of the laptop’s shocking revelations came to light. Silicon Valley, in collaboration with the United States federal government, censored the Hunter Biden laptop story during the heat of the 2020 presidential election. At the time, the globalist political class was scrambling to cover up good reporting on the Bidens like NATIONAL FILE’s exclusive report of the contents of Joe’s daughter Ashley Biden’s diary, which detailed “probably not appropriate” childhood showers between Ashley and her father Joe.

In fact, the Joe Biden campaign even pushed former CIA acting director Mike Morell to get his intel buddies to paint the Hunter Biden laptop as Russian disinformation. Obviously, that was a lie that was pushed by the intel community to mislead the American people. In fact, Tony Blinken — who coordinated the dirty deal between the Biden campaign and Mike Morell — went on to become Joe Biden’s Secretary of State, and Blinken is now blundering us into World War 3 with his bellicose agitation against Russia. And Mike Morell even admitted that he carried out this dirty deed to “help Vice President Biden … because I wanted him to win the election.”

Hunter Biden’s personal meeting time with Barack Obama ends up on, which is a project of the nonprofit transparency group Marco Polo, run by information activist Garrett Ziegler. The website details Hunter’s shifty business dealings and also the massive amount of perverted behavior that he engaged in, which has made the entire Biden family a liability in the dog-eat-world world of geopolitics.

Hunter Biden’s degenerate conduct is clearly a national security crisis.