Caitlyn Jenner Rips Nike for Their New Collab With Dylan Mulvaney

Nike’s collaboration with Dylan Mulvaney doesn’t impress Caitlyn Jenner.

The transgender activist, a biological male, teamed up with the popular apparel brand to promote sports bras and leggings, which has led to the brand facing criticism.

In a tweet that went viral, Jenner criticized Nike for being “woke”. The former Olympian tweeted, “We can be inclusive but not at the expense of the mass majority of people, and have some decency while being inclusive. This is an outrage.”

he father of Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Jenner, also targeted the “RADICAL RAINBOW MAFIA.”
“The differences between men and women are real and are a good thing! It doesn’t make trans ppl a bad thing, either. Why is it so black and white with the RADICAL RAINBOW MAFIA,” Jenner said in a second tweet.

Mulvaney either feigned or genuinely displayed ignorance about March Madness. However, it’s unlikely that any adult woman in America is unaware of college basketball. Mulvaney’s portrayal of a woman is so exaggerated that it borders on being ridiculous.