China Adds Chatgpt-Style Bots to Its Propaganda Apparatus – All Must Fall in Line With Communist ‘Core Values’

China’s push for artificial intelligence (AI) has taken a concerning turn as the country now plans to require all chatbots to align with the Communist Party’s core values. According to a report by the Washington Examiner, new regulations will mandate that all chatbots operating in China must follow strict guidelines to promote patriotism, uphold traditional Chinese values, and avoid any content that could be seen as subversive or harmful to society. The move comes as China continues its efforts to exert control over the country’s rapidly developing AI industry.

The state-run news agency Xinhua reported that the new regulations would require all chatbots to undergo strict testing and certification processes to ensure that they are in compliance with the Communist Party’s standards. Companies that fail to comply with the new regulations could face severe penalties, including fines, restrictions on operations, and even criminal charges.

The new regulations have raised concerns among human rights activists who fear that the Chinese government’s control over AI could further erode free speech and expression in the country. The government has already implemented strict censorship laws that limit what can be said online, and the new regulations could give authorities even greater control over what people can access and say online.

According to a report by Fox News, the Chinese government’s push for ChatGPT-style bots comes as the country seeks to establish a global leadership position in AI. ChatGPT is an AI model developed by OpenAI that can simulate human conversation and generate text responses. The Chinese government hopes that by mandating the use of these types of bots, it can increase the efficiency of online interactions and improve customer service.

However, the move to require all chatbots to align with Communist Party values has raised concerns that the technology could be used to spread propaganda and suppress dissenting voices. Activists fear that the government could use AI-powered chatbots to monitor online conversations and identify individuals who are critical of the government or the Communist Party.

As China continues to invest heavily in AI technology, the international community will need to pay close attention to how the country uses this technology. The Chinese government’s push to establish control over AI and its use of ChatGPT-style bots that align with Communist Party values raises serious concerns about the future of free speech and expression in the country.