China’s Ambassador to France Says Ex-soviet States Lack Basis for Sovereignty

The recent remarks made by China’s ambassador to France, Lu Shaye, about the sovereignty of ex-Soviet states have sparked outrage among Baltic states and France. Lu Shaye claimed that these states lack a “proper basis for sovereignty” and questioned their legitimacy. His comments were made in the context of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, where Russia has been accused of aggression towards the country.

Clearly China is seeking to give its erstwhile ally cover for not only invading Ukraine but possibly for manhandling other former Soviet states. While many of them have joined NATO and are clearly out of reach, Russia will want to maintain discipline among its satellite countries. But coming from its French ambassador, this is a mere whisper in what is likely a coming propaganda battle.

The French government has strongly condemned the ambassador’s remarks, stating that they are “unacceptable” and do not reflect France’s position on the matter. The French foreign ministry has also summoned the Chinese ambassador to express their concerns.

Similarly, the Baltic states have also expressed their anger over the comments. Estonia’s foreign minister, Eva-Maria Liimets, tweeted that the remarks were “absolutely unacceptable” and that the sovereignty of the Baltic states was based on international law. Latvia’s foreign minister, Edgars Rinkevics, also condemned the ambassador’s comments, stating that they were “provocative and dangerous.”

China has been trying to expand its influence in the region, particularly through its Belt and Road Initiative, which aims to create a network of infrastructure and trade links between Asia, Europe, and Africa. However, this latest incident is likely to damage China’s relations with the Baltic states and France, which have been growing in recent years.

The situation has also been covered by major media outlets, such as the Wall Street Journal, The Guardian and The Financial Times. The Guardian reported that the Baltic states and France had joined forces to condemn the Chinese ambassador’s remarks, while The Financial Times highlighted the potential damage to China’s relations with the European Union.

Overall, Lu Shaye’s comments have been met with widespread condemnation from France and the Baltic states. They serve as a reminder of the tensions between China and some European countries over issues such as human rights, trade, and geopolitical influence.