Kid Rock Goes Ballistic Over Bud Light’s New Transgender Campaign – ‘F*** Bud Light!’

The man who put Detroit City back on the map has never been one to shy away from his true feelings. 

And let me tell you, partner, Kid Rock is not impressed with Bud Light’s new campaign featuring transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney. 

While the campaign is wildly unpopular in conservative circles, so far Rock – real name Robert James Ritchie – has had the most forceful response. 

Behold, and a warning for strong language:

Kid Rock: ‘F*** Anheuser-Busch!

They say brevity is the soul of wit, and Kid Rock must have been reading his Shakespeare because his message to Bud Light is as concise as it gets, if a little loud. 

I understand the sentiment, though. Target practice can be very calming and is widely known to reduce stress. 

Now, it won’t take long for the left to accuse the right of being hypocrites for cheering this video from Kid Rock, while, for example, condemning Democrat Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs’ former press secretary, who resigned after backlash from this message: 

The difference is obvious and manifest, though I’ll lay it out just in case. 

The cases of Bud Light are inanimate objects, number one. Kid Rock wasn’t threatening to shoot live people who disagree with his politics. 

Alas, he will surely come… under fire… for being mean and impolitic to the giant megacorporation (the kind the left hated for decades until January 20, 2017.)

The giant megacorporation that decided to announce this promotion – which has nothing at all to do with anything, much less beer – just days after a transgender school shooter targeted and murdered Christian school children. 

They have yet to announce any sort of solidarity with the Christian community.