DeSantis ASSAULTED By Protestors On Stage, How He Handled It Is True…

As a potential 2024 Republican presidential nominee, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has faced significant opposition, but he remains unshaken in his commitment to conservative values. Even during a recent speech in Manchester, New Hampshire, when protesters disrupted the event, DeSantis remained calm and collected.

The governor was speaking at the Amos Tuck fundraiser dinner when protesters interrupted him. Undeterred, DeSantis responded with humor, questioning why they would pay for a ticket just to cause a scene.

Throughout his speech, DeSantis highlighted the successes of his state under his leadership, emphasizing the importance of actions over words. While he did not mention former President Donald Trump directly, he challenged Republicans to abandon the “culture of losing” and focus on achieving results.

As DeSantis and Trump continue to make headlines, recent polls have shown both men gaining momentum, with Trump even surpassing President Biden in a Rasmussen Reports survey. DeSantis, too, leads Biden by a significant margin, with both men performing well among women and independent voters – key demographics for the 2024 election.

Trump and DeSantis are gaining traction as dissatisfaction with Biden’s administration grows. An AP-NORC poll revealed that only 37% of Democrats support Biden for a second term, with many citing concerns about his age and perceived mental acuity. This dissatisfaction presents a golden opportunity for Republicans to offer a compelling alternative in the next election.
As the 2024 presidential race approaches, the rising popularity of DeSantis and Trump demonstrates that conservative values continue to resonate with the American public.

While Democrats struggle to rally behind their current leader, Republicans like DeSantis are focused on delivering results and improving the lives of everyday citizens. The stage is set for an intense electoral battle, and the GOP has the potential to emerge victorious with a candidate like DeSantis at the helm.

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