Did Elon Must Just Make The Final Step To Kill Off Twitter…

The recent merger of Twitter Inc. into Elon Musk’s X Corporation has sparked discussions about the future of the social media platform. Some are even going so far as to proclaim that Twitter is “dead.” The new entity, X Corp, is anticipated to become an “everything app,” according to Musk, who has previously hinted at this development.

The tech mogul’s vision for the app is ambitious, taking inspiration from China’s WeChat, which encompasses a range of services such as banking, ride-sharing, and video chatting. Musk has praised the Chinese app for its comprehensive functionality and seamless interface, lamenting the lack of a comparable platform outside of China.

The merger announcement comes in the midst of a Florida lawsuit concerning suspended accounts, where it was revealed that “Twitter, Inc. has been merged into X Corp. and no longer exists.” Elon Musk, who has a history of posting sarcastic and snarky comments on political events, especially those unfavorable to Democrats, recently called out the party again following former President Donald Trump‘s not-guilty plea in a Manhattan courtroom.

Musk’s tweet, featuring a meme of a young Trump, insinuated that if the Democratic Party had a time machine, they would use it to target Trump. In a follow-up post, Musk argued that for the American public to maintain trust in the justice system, both Democrats and Republicans should be pursued it with equal vigor. He added that the party that prioritizes justice over nepotism is the one that deserves trust.

The indictment against former President Trump, which revolves around allegations of falsifying business records related to Stormy Daniels’ hush-money case, has been criticized for its weak foundation, even by liberal outlets. Ian Millhiser from Vox and Mark Stern from Slate have expressed their disappointment in the charges, with the latter stating that it is “not the slam-dunk case Democrats wanted.”

Even John Bolton, a vocal critic of Trump and his potential 2024 campaign, appeared on CNN and slammed the indictment, calling it “even weaker than I feared it would be.” Senator Mitt Romney, a notorious anti-Trump Republican, also issued a statement highlighting his concern that the charges were politically motivated and could set a dangerous precedent for criminalizing political opponents, ultimately damaging public faith in the justice system.

As Elon Musk continues to shape Twitter’s future under the X Corp umbrella, his unapologetic criticisms of the Democratic Party and willingness to speak his mind could lead to an even more polarized platform. This raises questions about whether the new “everything app” will truly serve all users, or if it will become an echo chamber for conservative voices, further fueling the divide between Democrats and Republicans in the United States.