Mexico Blames United States for Importing Fentanyl Crisis

Mexican Sub-Secretary for Prevention and Health Promotion Hugo Lopez-Gatell recently claimed that the United States is the source of fentanyl in Mexico, sparking concerns about the flow of this highly addictive and potentially lethal drug across the border.

During a press conference held by Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, López-Gatell stated that fentanyl is not produced in Mexico but instead imported from the US, causing an “imported problem” in Mexico. He added that the precursors for fentanyl are not manufactured in Mexico but in other places, including the United States, making it a matter of grave concern for Mexico.

Fentanyl has become a significant public health issue in recent years, with high rates of addiction and overdose deaths. As a result, the Mexican government is now implementing various strategies to prevent a public health crisis due to fentanyl consumption.

According to López-Gatell, the US government must take responsibility for importing this dangerous drug and work with Mexico to prevent further harm to its citizens. He highlighted the alarming fact that around 80,000 people died in the US in 2021 due to fentanyl consumption, while in Mexico, the number of deaths was 19. However, many people claim there is underreporting of the Mexican figures.