Trump Mocks Biden’s Insane 2024 Comments

Donald Trump took notice of Joe Biden’s latest senile remarks about his 2024 ambitions. The former president ridiculed Biden on Tucker Carlson, saying he cannot comprehend “how it is possible” for the current president to seek office again.When asked about a probable re-election bid on Monday, Biden again gave the non-answer that he is “planning” to run. Another aspect of the answer, however, raised eyebrows, owing to its unintelligibility.

The Hill reported Trump’s response to Biden as “inaudible” in a write-up, although it was audible. You can clearly hear it if you watch the video. It was the topic that was the issue, and Trump was willing to discuss it when Carlson asked.

“Former President Trump criticized President Biden for telling reporters at a White House Easter celebration that he still intends to run for reelection, saying he does not comprehend how it is conceivable.”

“When questioned by NBC’s Al Roker if he expected to participate in Easter activities at the White House after 2024, referring to the president possibly running for reelection,” Biden replied, “I’m intending on running, Al, but we are not ready to announce it yet.”

“However, part of Biden’s response was inaudible, which Trump mocked in an upcoming interview with Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson.”

When asked if he believes Biden will run in 2024, Trump answered, “There is something wrong. I saw his response today on television… it was a lengthy response about eggs and this and that, and look, I just don’t believe he can.”

Without a doubt, something is not right. Still, I’d be cautious about making any assumptions about Biden’s capacity to run again or his chances of winning. The basement tactic worked well in 2020, and any campaign involving Trump is going to develop into a referendum on Trump. I’m not suggesting the current president is a lock for re-election, but I am arguing that Biden might not have to do much to have a legitimate chance at re-election.

To put it another way, do not underestimate the strength of partisanship. A sizable portion of the nation would vote for a pet rock over whomever the Republicans select. From there, you have a substantial chunk of independents who will be extremely picky about who the nominee is. Biden may find that coasting through a 2024 bid is the best plan for him. Is it really necessary for him to campaign hard when the media will campaign for him?