Tulsi Gabbard Reveals The Democratic Party’s Hidden Evil

One of the top reasons former Representative Tulsi Gabbard says she decided to leave the Democratic Party is because Democrats attack believers and erase God “out of just about every aspect of our public lives,” she claims, adding that a majority of their policymakers “believe that they are actually God” as they try to “control us in every way possible.”

Gabbard, who formally declared her exit from the Democrat Party in October, joined Kayleigh McEnany of Fox News, a former press secretary for former President Donald Trump, in bemoaning the way that God was constantly being “driven out” of today’s culture.

On the Friday piece, McEnany remarked, “It’s odd to me that God, whom one can trust, is being chased out of society. And we are aware that he had a crucial role in our establishment because he is referenced in so many of our founding papers.”

Separation of church and state, according to McEnany, “is used to construct a religion of secularism,” despite the fact that it is “found nowhere in our foundational texts.”

McEnany then confronted Gabbard, asking if she agreed that “erasing, widely, God out of our society in a way that perhaps our founders never intended” was detrimental to civilization.

“There’s no disputing it,” the former candidate for president retorted.

“Those who are seeking to eliminate God from pretty much every aspect of our public lives are the direct cause of this degradation of this spiritual underpinning of our country,” Gabbard added.

She also asserted that the denigration of religion and attacks on those who practice it were key factors in her choice to depart from the Democratic Party.

“One of the key reasons Gabbard gave for leaving the Democratic Party was the fact that she had become increasingly aware of the party’s attacks on Christians in particular as well as its efforts to eradicate all mention of God.”

She further asserted that many of the country’s politicians, “many of whom believe they are God and are attempting to control us in every manner,” are suffering as a result of the results of such attacks, which are harming “families, children, communities, and our policymakers.”

The comments come at a time when the Democratic Party is seen as being more antagonistic to God and religion.

Left-leaning MSNBC presenter Joy Ann Reid recently slammed the Supreme Court for its different decisions, claiming that they regularly decide “in favor of religious organizations,” alleging that Americans are being “kept captive” by a “far-right Christian court.”

Rep. Cindy Axne, the lone Democrat in Iowa’s congressional delegation, derided Christians while participating in a far-left activist group’s out-of-state campaign event.

Previously, revered Christian leader Franklin Graham criticized the Democratic National Convention’s complete lack of God and urged People to restore God to public life.

In a video shared on social media last year, Gabbard, who served as the second congressional district representative for Hawaii from 2013 to 2021, announced her departure from the Democratic Party.

She declared, “I believe in a government of, by, and for the people. Sadly, the Democratic Party of today does not.”

She continued, “Instead, it represents a government of, by, and for the wealthy elite.”