Violent Chicago and The DNC

Chicago can’t even enjoy America’s pastime in peace.

On Saturday, in the leftist controlled city, a brawl broke out in the stands at a Chicago White Sox game. In the video posted on social media, a man can be seen punching a woman in the face.

Fox News reports:

A huge brawl broke out at Saturday’s Chicago White Sox game for over two minutes with several spectators involved.

Fists were flying all over the place before a woman was dragged from behind over a row of seats on the first-base side.

One lone security guard attempted to make peace, while another pair of women were throwing haymakers at one another.

Things seemed to settle down for a few seconds, but the fire was reignited when another woman threw a cup at the person who had been dragged over the seats.

She ran around a group of people and tried to attack the person who threw the cup at her, but slipped while getting up the stairs.

All was calm again for a couple of seconds, but one woman grabbed another’s hair while trying to walk away from the ruckus. She returned with a hammer fist, and then one man threw a left hook at another.

That’s when it got pretty wild once again, with groups of people holding each other back and tackling one another to the steps.

It took well over a minute for other security to finally show up, but they did not do much to break up the fight.

Just another weekend in blue Chicago.

The Gateway Pundit reported on hundreds of teens rioting in the streets near Millennium Park Saturday night.

Rawsalerts posted video of the chaos:

There is currently a significant police response taking place in downtown Chicago due to a large group of teenagers causing chaos.

They have been smashing car windows, getting into fights, robbing people, and using mace.

There have also been reports of multiple gunshots, and three teens have been shot while attempting to break into the Art Institute of Chicago.

At this pace, the 2024 Convention DNC will be a real barn burner.

Final thoughts: Is anyone else thinking ‘False Flag’? A False Flag that’ll set off CWII?

Or better yet, during all the leftist-created commotion perhaps someone can sneak in and pound a stake into the monster’s chest and pierce the heart of the DNC. Kill it and ensure it stays that way.

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