White House: ‘Unacceptable’ For American Gun Owners To Keep Their AR-15s

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the quiet part out loud during a press briefing, suggesting it was “unacceptable” not to ban 25 million AR-15 rifles kept in American households.

A reporter asked on Wednesday how the Biden administration can reconcile with the fact that a ban on AR-15 rifles is impossible given there are 25 million in circulation.

“There are 25 million [AR-15s] out there in circulation in the homes of millions of Americans, and therefore you can’t ban them. What’s the president’s response to that?” he asked.

Jean-Pierre snapped back: “That’s unacceptable. That’s our response to that.”

This comes as the Biden regime is again calling on Congress to ban so-called “assault rifles” in the wake of the Nashville shooting that left 6 dead by a transgender individual on Monday.

“We have to do more to stop gun violence. It’s ripping our communities apart,” Biden said Monday at the White House. “I call on Congress again to pass my assault weapons ban.”
Though the Second Amendment should unequivocally protect citizens from government overreach on firearms, there’s already a precedent for banning semi-automatic rifles, such as during the Clinton era with legislation that was actually introduced by then-Senator Joe Biden.

From Pennsylvania Law:

Unfortunately, even at the federal level “assault weapon” bans are not unheard of, and the federal government in fact banned such weapons between 1994, and 2004, when the ban expired.  Congress chose not to renew the ban after its expiration. 

The overall constitutionality of individual states instituting such bans is still undecided, as the Supreme Court has not yet heard a case on the issue.  District Courts remain somewhat split on the matter, or at least split on what test to use to properly evaluate assault weapon ban laws. 

And despite the fact the Republicans have the majority in the House of Representatives, squishy RINOs could still side with Democrats on certain gun control measures as a virtue signal.

Watch the full press briefing: