Who’s the Bigger Baby! Passenger on Orlando Flight Screams at Parents of Child That Won’t Stop Crying as He Has an Epic Tantrum Worthy of a Toddler Before Being Led Away by Police

A passenger on a commercial plane has been recorded in midair screaming and swearing at the parents of a child that would not stop crying.

The epic tantrum – thrown by the grown man, not the toddler – left other passengers in hysterics as he screamed and claimed the baby was crying nonstop for 45minutes before the Southwest Airlines plane landed in Orlando, Florida.

The ordeal unfolded when the flight was forced into a holding pattern around the area outside Palm Beach due to a bad weather front.

Clearly frustrated by the wailing infant, the man started his raucous rant about how he paid a ticket to have a comfortable flight, but those plans were derailed by the baby’s screams. 

The video, which has already amassed 167,000 views, was uploaded to TikTok yesterday, on the day that the airline grounded its entire nationwide fleet, causing 2,000 journeys to be delayed.

The furious passenger was later seen inside the airport being escorted away by police after refusing to disembark the aircraft following his row. 

During foul tirade, directed at the parents of the shrieking child and flight staff, the rowdy passenger said: ‘There is a child crying on the flight, non-f***ing-stop.

‘Calm the child down, please. I’m not screaming. Do you want me to scream? I’ll f***ing scream. 

‘We are in a f***ing tin can with a baby in a goddamn echo chamber and you wanna talk to me about being f***ing ok?’

The Southwest worker, trying to calm the situation, said to him: ‘Ok, because you’re yelling…’

But he was quickly cut off with the man shouting back: ‘So is the baby!’

When the air steward tried to rebut with the argument that it was different because he was a grown adult, the shouting customer yelled: ‘Did that motherf***er pay extra to yell?

‘F**k you and shut up.’

When the staff member asked him to lower his voice, he shouted back: ‘Can you lower THAT voice?’ in reference to the child’s howling. 

As the woman sitting next to him quickly tried to calm him down, the angry passenger was heard saying: ‘I don’t give a f**k. 

‘F**k, lower that baby’s voice. I’m triggered, f**k that baby.’

Multiple members of the airline’s staff also tried to reason with the screaming passenger to no avail. In the video, he said that he was asleep with his headphones in, but was still disturbed by the child.

Throughout the clip, the child’s wailing could be heard in the background. 

After the air steward seemingly tried to reprimand him for his expletive-ridden attack, the man added: ‘I know an attorney just like you motherf****r, I got rights.’

‘If I hadn’t have said anything, we would be sitting on this flight with a kid crying for 45 minutes.’

The saga did not end there with witnesses saying said the rowdy passenger refused to get off of the plane in Orlando – forcing the entire flight to be deplaned. 

Plus size influencer Jaelynn Chaney said that the Federal Aviation Authority and airlines ought to give overweight flyers as many free seats as they require to fly comfortably.

Do you expect park janitors to clean up after your pet? No; Your child, your responsibility.

‘The argument I am making is about expectations and entitlements. Flight crew aren’t our slaves; they will help if asked, not assumed.’

Another critic of Bass wrote: ‘A good parent would have taught their kids to pick it up and be respectful to others.’

The plane etiquette debate was also riled up after a solo traveler became embroiled in a row with a father for  making his young daughter cry.

Taking to the discussion forum Reddit, the 22-year-old woman said she’d reserved a window seat for her nine-hour long international flight.

Once she boarded the plane and reached the correct aisle, she saw a young child was in her space and her father was in the middle seat.

The man stared at her and said ‘she’s a child’ before pointing at the aisle seat, implying the young woman should sit there instead but she insisted on taking her pre-booked space, which sent the little girl into floods of tears.

Commenters were widely supportive of the young woman, who herself was feeling upset about leaving her family behind.

And earlier this month, plus size influencer Jaelynn Chaney said that the Federal Aviation Authority and airlines ought to give overweight flyers as many free seats as they require to fly comfortably.

She also wants airlines to be forced to refund overweight passengers for any extra seats they’re forced to purchase when booking to accommodate their size. 

‘As plus-size travelers, my partner and I have unfortunately experienced discrimination and discomfort while flying,’ she wrote in her petition, which has been signed by around 6,800 people as of Wednesday morning. 

She added: ‘All plus-size passengers should be provided with an extra free seat, or even two or three seats depending on their size, to accommodate their needs and ensure their comfort during the flight.’ 

Chaney admits that price tickets would have to rise if she were to get her way, and concedes non-overweight passengers could be faced with higher ticket prices to help cover improvements.