A Former Hotel Employee Has Just Exposed Some Of The Sick Things That Go On Behind The Scenes….

Prepare yourself for a startling revelation as the hidden realities of the hotel industry are brought to light by a courageous TikTok user, shedding light on unsettling practices that compromise guest well-being and satisfaction.

Thanks to @JanessaRichard, we now have an insider’s look into the unsavory practices employed by some establishments to cut corners and save money, unfortunately at the expense of their guests.

Disconcerting revelations in her videos include a shocking lack of hygiene, specifically when it comes to cleaning bed linens. According to her, items such as duvets and comforters are rarely laundered – maybe once a year. “There are so many germs, and I don’t even know what else on there,” she warns. This raises health concerns and makes you question if that plush comforter is really worth wrapping yourself in.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. She shares that guests who show kindness and politeness might be in for some unexpected perks, such as complimentary upgrades to luxurious suites, assuming availability. So remember, courtesy might just unlock an unexpected slice of opulence.

In a subsequent video, she spills the beans about another somewhat disgusting practice – the staff seldom replace the toilet paper rolls between guests. They merely resort to aesthetic modifications like folding the end of the roll to create an impression of freshness for the next occupant. A word to the wise, don’t let the prettily folded paper deceive you; it’s unlikely to be a new roll.

@JanessaRichard also advises against using the drinking glasses provided in the room. “I would NOT recommend you drinking in those glasses because they’re often not changed in between guests, as long as they ‘look’ clean,” she cautions. This is a sobering revelation, making us question even the simplest amenities provided by hotels.

Her candid exposure of the hotel industry’s practices left many viewers uneasy. “Newfound fear of hotels after all these confessions,” one distressed user commented, while another declared that the lack of duvet cleaning “should be illegal”.

The whistle-blower further enlightened us about the policy prohibiting front desk employees from announcing your room number aloud. It’s usually handed to you written on a slip, a safety measure to keep your room number confidential from those within earshot. The more you know, the safer your stay can be.

Despite its dark corners, the hospitality industry can still provide comfort and luxury. But knowledge is power – understanding the inner workings of hotels can better equip you to make informed choices, ensure your comfort, and most importantly, protect your health during your stay.