CNN Admits Durham Report Is ‘Devastating To The FBI’

CNN anchor Jake Tapper appeared over the airwaves yesterday to admit that the recently released Durham report is “devastating to the FBI”. We covered the release of that report yesterday.

The Durham Report revealed that President Obama and Vice President Biden were briefed on Hillary Clinton’s plan to sabotage the 2016 Election with the phony Russian Collusion Hoax before the 2016 Election.

Even though Obama and Biden had been briefed on Clinton’s plans, they lied about fake Trump-Russian collusion for years. Congressional Democrats even attempted to impeach Trump over the false accusations.

Durham even stated in his report that the FBI had no justification for spying on Trump’s campaign and Presidency. That the entire investigation from beginning to end was motivated by Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

CNN is having a tough time with this information. Watch Jake Tapper struggle to admit that this report completely destroys any credibility that remained with the FBI. See a clip of that moment below…

Another CNN correspondent echoed the same sentiments in the clip below, stating “The bottom line is this — the investigation found that the FBI failed in many, many ways” — and should’ve never launched the fake Russia probe.”

CBS News also admitted that this report vindicated former President Donald Trump, see a clip of that moment below…