Former Obama Team Member Breaks Ties With Biden

Susan Rice’s departure from the Biden administration was officially confirmed on Monday, making it the highest-profile departure from the White House to date. 

Here is a portion of the president’s statement in which he praises Rice for her leadership of his domestic policy.

“The White House announced on Monday that Susan Rice is leaving her position as President Biden’s domestic policy advisor.”

In a comment announcing her departure, Biden said, “I shocked a lot of people when I appointed Ambassador Susan Rice as my Domestic Policy Advisor. Having previously held the positions of UN Ambassador and National Security Advisor, Susan was synonymous with foreign policy. There is no one more capable and committed to achieving significant results for the American people than Susan Rice, as I understood back then and as we all now understand after more than two years of her great leadership of the Domestic Policy Council.”

From there, he praised Rice’s efforts in the areas of healthcare, gun control, college affordability, and the border. In fact, the Biden administration has actually performed horribly in every one of these areas. Healthcare expenses have continued to rise, gun violence has grown, education fees are skyrocketing, and the border situation is a complete catastrophe.

Even Biden’s boast in the statement of reuniting 670 children with their parents who were “separated” is ridiculous. According to a recent study, under the president’s watch, migrant children have been forced into indentured servitude and forced to labor rather than attend school or reunite with family.

However, Rice’s role as the head of Biden’s border policy does explain the dystopian circumstances. Even when dealing with international affairs as a member of the Obama administration, she has been dreadful at her job. Many individuals questioned how she would handle domestic policy when she was given that responsibility. We now know the answer: it was a dumpster fire.

You may anticipate Rice to get back on her feet with a well-paying board post or lobbying job because everyone fails up in Washington. I wouldn’t anticipate any changes in the policy orientation of the Biden administration. Rice probably just wants to move on to better things. It is better to go right now than to stay and watch as the president further alienates the American people.