‘Make Women Female Again’

In a recent interview with the RAIR Foundation USA, Joanne Scott spoke out about her decision to wear a shirt with the words “Make Women Female Again” emblazoned on it. She wore this shirt while attending the court proceedings of Harold Jonker, who is facing charges related to the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, Canada, in January & February of 2021.

Ms. Scott explained that the shirt is important to her because of the current state of society’s indoctrination of children. She believes that children are being mutilated and sterilized and that people need to be aware of this, even if they support the LGBTQ community. Ms. Scott went on to explain that her brother, who was a gay male and passed away from AIDS in 1993, would have never supported the current state of the LGBTQ community.

Ms. Scott expressed frustration with the current state of society, where children are taught that they can be anything they want, even pretending to be cats or other non-human entities. She also voiced concern over the government, school systems, and medical professionals teaching children that they can switch genders.

When asked about the reactions she receives while wearing her shirt in public, Ms. Scott stated that it depends on where she is. In her suburban area, people do not appreciate her views and often roll their eyes or express their disapproval. She even recounted a time when a restaurant asked her to put a sweater on over her shirt.

Ms. Scott emphasized that her shirt is not meant to offend anyone but rather to advocate for the reality that biological sex is a fundamental characteristic of human identity. She shared that some men have thanked her for wearing the shirt. They expressed relief that she is wearing the shirt because they have had experiences on dating sites where individuals who identify as women are not biologically female. She explained that these men fear being labeled as transphobic for not wanting to date individuals who are not biologically female.

The interview with Joanne Scott sheds light on the growing concern over gender identity ideology and the indoctrination of children. It also highlights the importance of advocating for reality and the fundamental characteristics of human identity. Ms. Scott’s willingness to speak out and wear her shirt despite the disapproval of others serves as an inspiration to others who believe in the importance of protecting children and the truth about biological sex.