The Structure of Cults

Cults have a structure. The Woke Marxist cult is no exception: it is structured too. In general, there are three types of layers in cults, though each of these might have various levels or ranks within it. Those are the “Outer School” of initiates who are committed to the cult but don’t yet understand it, the “Inner School” of adepts who are deeply committed to the cult and do understand it, and the “Inner Circles” of disciples and leaders who are leading and guiding the cult whether they believe its doctrine or not. Until you understand the structure of cults, you will consistently underestimate and misdiagnose “Wokeness” because you’ll mistake the behavior of the Outer School initiates as being characteristic of the cult, which it is not. The doctrine is pushed by the Inner School and paid for by the Inner Circles. Join host James Lindsay for this important episode of New Discourses Bullets as he breaks it down for you.