Trump Continues To Build Commanding Lead For GOP Nomination

The release of the Durham report shows many high-level officials conspired to create false allegations against Trump. The report promises to only increase his support, especially among conservatives.

In their latest poll, Rasmussen is reporting Trump with 62%; DeSantis, a distant 17%, with Pence, Haley and others in low single digits.

The support has been in place since well before the release this week of the long-awaited Durham report. Kash Patel and others were quick to summarize the Durham findings:

Following the release, many chimed in asking why there have, as yet, been no indications of charges or indictments when the report so clearly showed broad-based conspiracy across many agencies and organizations.

President Trump, confirmed yesterday that he will attend and speak at the Georgia Republican Convention on June 10th. Georgia and our election processes have been at the center of many debates following the 2020 Election and many Georgians have worked for over two years to uncover the truth behind what happened (through both human and voting machine processes) that would explain the anomolies measured during our elections.

Trump will undoubtedly find a warm welcome from the America-First republicans at the convention and across Georgia.