Trump Promises ‘Largest Domestic Deportation’ In History After Title 42 Expires

45th President Donald Trump issued a video response to the Biden administration for ending Title 42, allowing a “massive surge of illegals” to cross the southern border.

As of midnight on Friday, Title 42 will expire, as part of the Biden administration’s final removal of the COVID-19 public health emergency powers. The power, initiated by the Trump administration in March 2020, allowed the government to immediately expel migrants crossing the southern border over public health concerns.

In a new video, President Trump slammed the decision to end Title 42, noting that with its end, “Biden has officially abolished what remained of America’s borders, and turned the United States into a dumping ground for illegal aliens from all over the world. We’ve become a third world nation”:

“At this very moment, illegal aliens are lined up by the tens of thousands, ready to break into our country, knowing that even if they are caught, Joe Biden will order them immediately released into American communities. And many of these people are very dangerous. Under Biden, our border is gone, our sovereignty is gone, our national security is gone, and we are quickly becoming that third world nation that I’ve been talking about for so long.”

Trump promised that if reelected he will use all power and resources necessary to “immediately resume expedited removals of people” that illegally crossed the border, and start “the largest domestic deportation effort in American history to send the border violators back to their home countries.”

“This invasion will not stand. Our country is being invaded, our country is being destroyed by very very stupid people,” Trump concluded. “These are stupid people, we have to get them out, we have to take back the White House.”

Earlier this year, Trump pledged to designate the major cartels that are exploiting the border crisis to traffic drugs such as fentanyl across from Mexico as “foreign terrorist organisations,” and have their access to global financial systems severed.

Trump added that he would either get the “full cooperation” of other governments in the region in the war against the cartels, or he would “expose every bribe, every kickback, every pay-off, and every bit of corruption, that is allowing the cartels to preserve their brutal reign.”

From Friday, any migrants that make the crossing over the border will now be allowed to apply for asylum directly at the border, with any who have a “credible fear” of being “persecuted” in their home countries being permitted to stay in America.

According to reports, officials are expecting well over 10,000 migrants per day to try and cross the southern border, up from 5,000 or so in March, despite Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claiming that they will be subject to potential criminal prosecution if they cross after midnight.

In fact, footage from the southern border posted by Fox News’s drone team, shows an “enormous amount of clothing and trash” dumped into the river near Brownsville by migrants making the crossing into America, with Bill Melugin noting that mixed in with the trash you will find “IDs/paperwork from around the world, and Mexican humanitarian visas.”