U.S. News Best States Rankings Detail California’s Demise

Late afternoon aerial view of the Laguna Beach, California coastline. (Photo: Matt Gush, Shutterstock)

California ranks dead last for Opportunity

U.S. News is out with its Best States Rankings, which details California’s demise by showing how far the Golden State has fallen in so many important categories.

U.S. News ranked states on crime and corrections, the economy, education, fiscal stability, healthcare, infrastructure, natural environment and opportunity.

California ranked #33 overall, while Florida ranked #10. Gov. Gavin Newsom may want to read this report before he travels around the country again, taunting Red State Governors. Newsom’s state, under his leftist directions, is failing in most of the report’s categories.

Under Crime and Corrections, the Northeastern states dominate: New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont come in at the top of the index, with California ranked #23. Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Virginia, Idaho and Hawaii rounding out the top 10. However, Hawaii showed poorly under public safety.

The Economy rankings are interesting. #1 is Utah which ranked #7 in Business Environment, #1 in Employment, and #2 in Growth. Utah also ranked #1 Best State Overall.

#2 is Idaho ranking #1 in growth, #8 in business environment, and #5 in employment.

#3 is Colorado, coming in at #5 in Business Environment, #6 in Employment, and #12 in Growth.

New Hampshire, Arizona and Montana came in at #4, #5, and #6 for their solid economies.

Despite Gov. Gavin Newsom bragging that California is the 4th largest economy in the world, California’s Economy came in at #29 with #2 in Business Environment, #38 in Employment, and a dismal #43 in Growth. The thousands and thousands of layoffs in Silicon Valley obviously hurt California’s growth.

States ranked best for Education are #1 Florida, which has risen 28 spots since 2017 according to the Florida Standard. Florida ranked #14 for its Pre-K-12, and #1 for Higher Education.

New Jersey came in at #2 in Education, #1 for Pre-K-12 and #29 for Higher Education.

Massachusetts came in at #3 in Education, #2 for Pre-K-12, and #32 for Higher Education.

Colorado came in at #4, Utah at #5 and Wisconsin #6.

California came in at #20 for Education, coming in at #38 for Pre-K-12, and #3 for Higher Education.

The best states for Fiscal Stability are #1 Utah, also coming in #3 for Long-Term Fiscal Stability, and #4 for Short-Term Fiscal Stability. Utah looks really fiscally stable.

Idaho came in at #2 for Fiscal Stability, showing #6 for Long-Term Fiscal Stability, and #3 for Short-Term Fiscal Stability.

South Dakota came in at #3 for Fiscal Stability, #1 for Long-Term Fiscal Stability, and #10 for Short-Term Fiscal Stability.

Washington came in at #4, Tennessee at #5, and North Dakota #6. Florida ranked #13, coming in at #14 for Long-Term Fiscal Stability, and #20 for Short-Term Fiscal Stability.

Where did California fall under Fiscal Stability? A discouraging #39, showing #35 for Long-Term Fiscal Stability, and #40 for Short-Term Fiscal Stability.

California came in #34 for Infrastructure, because of a shocking #44 for Transportation, #46 for Energy, and #6 for Internet Access. How’s that fraudulent High Speed Rail project coming along? Or the failing electricity grid?

California came in a miserable #50 for Opportunity behind Mississippi, behind West Virginia, behind Louisiana, behind Arkansa. Why? Because no one can afford to live here, or buy a house, or open a business.  California ranked #24 in Economic Opportunity, #50 for Affordability, and #32 for Equality. I remember when California was known as “the land of opportunity.”

California even ranked poorly in Natural Environment because of coming in at #45 for Air & Water Quality, and #7 for Pollution.

California ranked #6 for Health Care, with #4 for Health Care Quality, #4 for Public Health, but came in at #34 for Health Care Access.

Can this state be fixed? Of course. It’s not insurmountable. But decades of Democrat policies and leftist rule is what needs to be overcome. Democrats tear down; they do not build up.

California ranked #33 overall. The once-Golden State was the land of opportunity not that long ago, where people moved from all other states, and from all over the world to start anew. Now, San Francisco is decaying and collapsing before our eyes. Los Angeles is a corrupt s-hole city, and San Diego is now called “Chicago by the Bay.” Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg calls the city’s 11,000+ squatting, drug-addicted, mentally-ill homeless “guests,” as if they were invited to live on the streets.

Here are all of California’s rankings: