Adele Was Prepared to Walk Out on Purchase of Sylvester Stallone Mansion Over One Item

According to The Wall Street Journal, Sylvester Stallone had planned on taking the “Rocky” statue, an iconic piece of decor overlooking his Los Angeles pool, with him when he sold his mansion last year. However, Adele, who reportedly bought the property, was ready to abandon the purchase if the statue wasn’t part of the deal.

“That’s a no deal. That’s gonna blow the whole deal,” Adele said, according to Stallone.

Eventually, Stallone came around and included the statue in the deal. “I like what she’s doing, she’s making it gorgeous,” he added.

Since its premiere in 1976, the “Rocky” series has become synonymous with popular culture, with the inaugural film earning three Academy Awards. Stallone himself was nominated for best actor for his role in this iconic film. Later, in 2016, he revisited his portrayal of Rocky Balboa in the spin-off movie “Creed,” which earned him a best supporting actor nomination.

Adele reportedly bought Stallone’s Beverly Hills property for a whopping $58 million, as per Harper’s Bazaar. Nestled within an elite neighborhood favored by celebrities, the residence boasts eight bedrooms and eleven bathrooms.

The luxurious property includes a host of amenities such as a private screening room, a bespoke bar equipped cigar room, an eight-car garage, an infinity pool, a spa, and an art studio, to name just a few.

According to reports, Stallone had the mansion constructed on a 3.5-acre lot that he purchased back in 1994.

In May, Adele posted a cheerful picture on Instagram with her boyfriend, NBA agent Rich Paul. The photograph captured the couple posing outside their newly purchased home, with Paul holding the keys, both wearing radiant smiles.