Budweiser Tries To Appease Angry Customers With Camo Bottle Campaign After Two Month Twitter Hiatus, Then Gets BLASTED For Tarnished Reputation: ‘There’s No Recovery’

Corporations are struggling this pride month; flip-flopping between how they want to promote their brand to cater to LGBTQ activists. While at the same time avoiding alienating their custom base.

In short: they are failing at it. Toeing the line simply doesn’t work like it did in past years, because corporations are forced to choose sides.

Budweiser is a perfect case study for this. 

The brand – who has been in ongoing hot water after partnering with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney – just launched camo cans to appeal to its customers. 

Talk about pandering – not to mention a complete 180. The tweet above is also the first time the brand has posted on Twitter since April 14. 
Bud Light also went through a similar hiatus. Posting for the first time in two months on June 22.

Source: https://bigleaguepolitics.com/budweiser-tries-to-appease-angry-customers-with-camo-bottle-campaign-after-two-month-twitter-hiatus-then-gets-blasted-for-tarnished-reputation-theres-no-recovery/