Conservatives Aren’t Impressed By New Bud Light Ad Featuring Straight White Guys

Today Bud Light marked the beginning of summer by releasing a new ad primarily featuring middle class men and women who happen to be primarily white and older. Many conservatives were unimpressed by the ad and remained hostile to the brand after its collaboration with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

Bud Light invites consumers to “crack a cold one” for “an epic summer ahead” in its tweet featuring the new ad. Men are seen wearing cowboy hats, wives are spotted carrying a keg of Bud Light, and a middle aged band is in the background.

The video frequently depicts middle aged white men suffering comical mishaps – one unable to lay in a hammock, wind causing debris to hit another in the face, a third struggling with a tap and a keg of beer, and a fourth blindly stumbling through a screen door then losing a tray full of lemons – in an otherwise wholesome depiction of a summer barbecue with extended family and friends.

Viewers were ultimately unimpressed.

“Nobody wants to get roasted for drinking Dylan Light,” wrote popular influencer DC Draino in a reference to the Mulvaney debacle.

Conservative commentator Liz Wheeler promised, “None of this is funny until & unless you apologize for using Dylan Mulvaney – a man pretending to be a woman – as your spokesperson.” She labeled the brand “insulting” for using “an ad about summer” to “make us forget our principles.” She added, “The boycott continues.”

Valiant News editor-in-chief Tom Pappert noted the “straight white men” in advertising but said “None of these men would be caught dead drinking your beer in public.”

Christian satire website Babylon Bee replied with a video captioned “Man Caught Drinking Bud Light Insists He’s Not Gay” and social media influencer Eric Spracklen suggested it was time to “fire the PR team already and throw in the towel. It’s over.”

Bud Light hid many of the replies on the platform, bringing further derision for the controversial brand.

Earlier this week Bud Light parent company Anheuser-Busch’s chief marketing officer acknowledged the Mulvaney backlash was a “wake-up call” and said the brand needed to do a better job of understanding its consumers.

“In times like this, when things get divisive and controversial so easily, I think it’s an important wake-up call to all of us marketers first of all to be very humble,” said chief marketing officer Marcel Marcondes.