Donald Trump Says He Will End the War in Ukraine in Less Than 24 Hours

Donald Trump has officially entered into the 2024 race, that’s no surprise but with a recent indictment in Miami, Florida and New York legal issues continue to stack up on President Trump. However, that hasn’t slowed him down even the littlest as his poll numbers have even risen in some polls.

Donald Trump is as of the right now even though it’s still very early, the frontrunner to win the Republican nomination for President in 2024.

Donald Trump has begun to layout his policy plans if elected to the White House in 2024. One of the biggest issues for voters is foreign policy, the Ukraine Russia conflict has had effects across the world with the United States contributing the most from a financial standpoint.

This has bothered many Republican voters as they believe we shouldn’t be involved in the war. Donald Trump has a similar approach with a peace plan:

Credit: Forbes Breaking News Youtube