Hunter Biden Was Once Kicked Out Of Hollywood Sex Club For Being ‘Scumbag’

Hunter Biden was allegedly kicked out of an elite Los Angeles sex club for being a “scumbag”

Hunter Biden was apparently rejected from the elite Los Angeles sex club Snctm (pronounced “sanctum”) after only one day for being a “scumbag” according to the organization’s founder.

Damon Lawner founded Snctm in 2013 after watching Tom Cruise’s “Eyes Wide Shut” film that the Los Angeles Times notes “features scenes in which wealthy elites gather at a secretive orgy.”

In an Instagram post, Lawner revealed that Biden was a member of the elite sex club – which often hosts Hollywood celebrities – but was kicked out after attending only one event.

“Hunter was a member at Snctm and I canceled his membership after 1 party because he’s a scumbag,” wrote Lawner in a now-deleted Instagram post.

Lawner sold the sex club for $1 million in 2019, but was nevertheless formally banned from the organization for posting about Biden’s membership in the elite group.

“Snctm, as a private members club, prioritizes the safety and privacy of our esteemed members above all,” a spokesperson for Snctm told the LA Times. “Consequently, we neither confirm nor deny the identities of our attendees. Furthermore, we uphold a strict code of conduct, and any infringement leads to a lifetime ban. Please note that Mr. Lawner’s membership has been revoked, effective immediately.”

Lawner told the Times he made the post about Biden to let “people know that the type of behavior that [Hunter Biden] exhibited was something that upsets me” and added that he knew he would be banned as a result and was not concerned.

The New York Post reported that membership at the club costs as much as $75,000 per year “for access to the highest tier of membership” that includes “admission to all parties, a sterling silver necklace with a lion pendant and access to private rooms at the soirees and sex experts.” Late night host and comedian Bill Maher apparently attended a Snctm event in 2017, the Post noted.

Lawner made the post about Biden shortly after the 53-year-old was granted what many conservatives call a “sweetheart deal” by the Department of Justice that will see him avoid jail time for tax offenses and avoid gun charges altogether.

It also comes amid increased Republican scrutiny on the finances of Biden and Joe Biden, his presidential father. House Republicans now say multiple FBI documents outline a bribery scheme in which Joe and Hunter both received $5 million from a Ukrainian oil company that sought to leverage its relationship with the Bidens to expand into the United States.

Joe Biden has previously claimed that his and Hunter’s finances are completely separate, but Republicans also claim that more than a dozen audio recordings made by a source close to the Burisma deal show Joe was intimately involved in his son’s business.